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Mr. Goldstein since the establishment of his current law practice in 2007 has continued his work as an advocate before international arbitral tribunals, and in U.S. courts on matters related to arbitration, on behalf of clients from, for example, the United States, Canada, Brazil, and China. His advocacy work has won him recognition from the International Who's Who of Commercial Arbitration, Best Lawyers in America, and New York Super Lawyers. Mr. Goldstein maintains close relationships with distinguished arbitration practitioners throughout the world, and in suitable matters teams with such foreign counsel to provide clients with effective trans-national representation. In a matter handled between June 2012 and the present that culminated in a $10 million Final Award in favor of Mr. Goldstein's client in the New York-seated arbitration handled by Mr. Goldstein, he directed the work of supporting legal teams at prominent law firms in Canada, Singapore, the Cayman Islands, and Thailand, which involved the necessary judicial proceedings and advice on the law of those jurisdictions.

A representative listing of Mr. Goldstein's international arbitration cases as an advocate follows: 

  1. U.S. rare earths metals portfolio company of asset management firm (client) v. Thailand seller of metals and its affiliates organized under the laws of offshore jurisdictions, ICDR arbitration re payment and performance, and related judicial proceedings in U.S. and abroad for provisional relief and for enforcement of Final Award. (2012-13).
  2. Brazilian real estate investment firm (client) v. Joint venture partners of Brazilian and Panamanian nationality, U.S. District Court proceedings concerning compliance with and res judicata effect of prior international arbitration award (2011-13). 
  3. Hong Kong software development company (client) v. U.S. customer, ICDR arbitration re payment and performance (2010).
  4. U.S. pharmaceutical patent licensee (client) v. U.K. licensor, ICDR arbitration over purported termination of license (2010).
  5. U.S. steel processor (client) v. U.S. steel importer, ICDR arbitration over interpretation of arbitration clause (2009).
  6. U.S. telecoms investor (client) v. Dominican Republic telecoms company, ICDR arbitration re damages for breach of development contract. (2009).
  7. Canadian distribution company (client) v. U.S. selling shareholder, ICDR arbitration re financial aspects of transaction. (2007).
  8. U.S. steel processor (client) v. U.S. steel importer, ICDR arbitration over importation and resale of defective product from Chile (2006-2007).
  9. U.S. telecoms company (client) v. Danish telecoms company, ICC arbitration over interconnection issues. (2006).
  10. U.S. manufacturing company (client) v. Danish machinery producer, Danish Arbitration Institute arbitration over equipment malfunction losses (2003-04).
  11. Swiss Entertainment Company (client) v. Chinese state-owned entertainment company, Singapore Arbitration Centre arbitration over accounting for joint venture proceeds, related Award enforcement proceedings in U.S. and Canadian courts. (2000 to 2005).
  12. U.S. luxury goods distributor (client) v. Swiss luxury goods manufacturer, ICC arbitration over distribution rights, related interim measures litigation in U.S. courts. (2001-2003).
  13. Israeli medical technology company (client) v. French product distributor, ICC arbitration over distribution agreement termination. (2002-2003).
  14. Argentine telecoms company (client) v. Dominican Republic telecoms company, ICDR arbitration over cable television investment, related interim measures litigation in U.S. courts (2001).
  15. Colombian banking investors (client) v. Colombian banking institution, U.S. court proceedings over arbitrability issues.
  16. U.S. pharmaceutical company (client) v. Central European State, ICC arbitration over expropriation of investments. (1999-2001).
  17. U.S. apparel retailer (client) v. Italian fashion designer, ICC arbitration over distribution agreement termination (1991-1993).
  18. U.S. real estate investor (client) v. Government of Iran, Iran-U.S. Claims Tribunal arbitration over expropriation of investment (1984-1987).



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