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Representative International Arbitrations as Arbitrator

  • ICC case concerning joint venture agreement in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Parties Colombia, Canada, Chairperson of tribunal.
  • ICC case concerning pharmaceutical licensing and marketing agreement. Parties Korea, US, Canada. Chairperson of tribunal.
  • ICDR case concerning manufacture, purchase and sale of private aircraft. Parties Oman, US. Co-arbitrator.
  • LCIA case concerning joint venture in mining sector. Parties China, Brazil. Co-arbitrator.
  • ICDR case concerning consumer retail franchising agreement. Parties US, Malaysia. Co-arbitrator.
  • ICDR case concerning valuation of interests in real estate development. Parties Cayman Islands, British West Indies, British Virgin Islands. Chairperson of tribunal.
  • AAA case concerning alleged breaches of technology licensing agreement. Parties US, Canada. Co-arbitrator.
  • ICDR case concerning neglicence and fiduciary duty claims between investors and private banking institution. Parties US, several South American countries. Co-arbitrator.
  • ICC case concerning rights under patent license. Parties US, Korea. Sole Arbitrator.
  • ICDR case concerning interests in real estate trust. Parties US, Netherlands, Israel. Chairperson of tribunal.
  • ICDR case concerning investment banking compensation agreement. Parties US, China. Sole arbitrator.
  • ICDR case concerning breach of investment management agreement. Parties US, Saudi. Co-arbitrator.
  • ICDR case concerning breach of industrial machinery contract. Parties: US, Canada

Representative U.S. Domestic Arbitrations as Arbitrator Mainly Under AAA Large and Complex Case Procedures

  • Insurance coverage dispute relating to merger/acquisition transaction. Chairperson of tribunal.
  • Insurance coverage dispute between commercial banking institution and insurer over residential mortgage insurance. Co-arbitrator.
  • Settlement agreement payment dispute in transportation services sector. Co-arbitrator.
  • Accountant malpractice claims between client and major public accounting firm. Ad hoc arbitration under CPR Rules. Co-arbitrator.
  • Securities fraud and breach of fiduciary duty claims between investor and private banking institution.  Sole Arbitrator.
  • Contract dispute, private aircraft sales transaction. Party-appointed arbitrator on three-member tribunal.
  • Partnership dispute alleging managing partner misconduct.  Chairperson of three-member tribunal.
  • Proprietary trading partnership dispute involving insider trading allegations. Sole Arbitrator.

Representative International Arbitrations as Counsel

  • ICDR case in New York re purchase of rare earth metals from Asian sellers. US client. New York, Thailand and British Virgin Islands law.
  • ICDR case in New York re software development contract payment dispute. Chinese client. Hong Kong law.
  • ICDR case in New York regarding contested termination of pharmaceutical patent license. US client. New York law.
  • ICDR case in New York re price determination in acquisition agreement. Canadian client. New York law.
  • ICDR case in New York involving damages for delivery of defective steel pipe from Chile. US client. Governing law New York Uniform Commmercial Code.
  • ICC case in London involving damages for breach of telecommunications carrier agreement. US client. New York law.
  • SIAC case in Singapore concerning performing arts joint venture between producer and Chinese state-owned entity. Austrian client. English law.
  • Danish Arbitration Institute case in Copenhagen concerning damages for delivery of defective industrial machinery. US client. CISG and Danish law.
  • ICC case in Paris re termination of medical technology distribution contract. Israeli client. New York law.
  • ICC case in Paris re termination of luxury goods distribution contract. US client. Swiss law.
  • ICC case in Geneva re expropriation of pharmaceuticals company by Central European State. US client. Yugoslav and international law.
  •  ICC arbitration in Geneva re termination of couture fashion distribution agreement. US client. New York and Italian law.
  • ICDR case in Miami concerning breach of cable television franchise agreement. Argentine client. Dominican law.
  • Iran-US Claims Tribunal case in The Hague re expropriation of real estate investment. US client. International law.

Representative US Litigations Relating to International Arbitration

  • Enforcement of international arbitrator's interim award granting freezing order as interim measure of protection.
  • Enforcement of US judgment confirming award of interim measures by contempt sanctions.
  • US proceedings regarding use of Hague Evidence Convention to gather evidence abroad for enforcement of judgment based on Arbitral Final Award.
  • Federal district court cross-motion to compel arbitration under Panama Convention and related defense against effort to obtain contempt sanctions for alleged violation of judgment confirming arbitration award.
  • Federal district court motion to compel arbitration based on equitable estoppel principles.
  • Federal district court and Second Circuit review of award re arbitrator power to correct award.
  • Federal district court proceedings to enforce award against Chinese entity under New York Convention. Related proceedings for attachment of US assets of Canadian entity.
  • Federal district court proceedings for injunction in aid of arbitration – merits governed by Swiss law.
  • Federal district court proceedings for interim measures in form of attachment of assets - merits governed by Dominican law. 
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