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Mr. Goldstein has served as an arbitrator in international and domestic cases since 2006. He received in September 2016 his 36th appointment, to chair an ICC tribunal in a high-value pharmaceutical case. Mr. Goldstein has served as a commercial mediator since 2009 and was appointed in September 2016 in his 71st mediation -- a copyright action pending in a US federal district court. Mr. Goldstein is a serious student of the mediation and negotiation process; his reading and study in the field can be tracked in his AAA Mediation CV downloadable on this website. Mr. Goldstein remains an active advocate in transnational commercial disputes before judicial and Arbitral tribunals, uniquely acting as counsel in complex disputes on a resource-efficient basis that emphasizes use of technology for document management and legal research, and as-needed engagement of co-counsel in foreign jurisdictions.



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