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I have served as an arbitrator in international and domestic cases since 2006. In April 2017 I received my 41st appointment, as a co-arbitrator in an international franchise case between US and Asian parties, and in June 2017 I received my 42d appointment, as Sole Arbitrator in a domestic case involving e-commerce sales practices. I have served as a commercial mediator since 2009, in a wide range of domestic and international disputes. My most recent mediations (my 70th and 71st) were, respectively: (1) mediation of a pending international arbitration concerning sale of machinery from a US seller to a purchaser in the Middle East, and (2) mediation of a copyright action pending in a federal district court relating to online exploitation of broadcast television content.

My dedication to arbitration as a field of study, as well as practice, is reflected in many formal and scholarly writings initially published in prominent peer-reviewed journals including Arbitration International, the American Review of International Arbitration and the Fordham International Law Journal -- many reproduced at the Publications link on this site. As a mediator, I have embraced the challenge to adapt my negotiation knowledge and diplomacy skills to ever more complex cross-cultural disputes, as indicated by the courses of study and reading reflected on my CV, in my 2015 certification by the International Mediation Institute, and in my recent joining as a member/Peace Builder of Mediators Beyond Borders International.

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