April 18, 2015

Mr. Goldstein announces global mediation initiative

Mr. Goldstein has announced a new global initiative to expand service offerings for mediation of transnational disputes, concentrating on cases already in or destined for international arbitration. In a 31-year career in international arbitration, Mr. Goldstein has acted as counsel, arbitrator or mediator in disputes in the following business sectors among others: securities, financial products and services, investment banking, construction, real estate, pharmaceuticals, sports and entertainment, mining and minerals, aviation, insurance, luxury goods, software development, joint ventures, and shareholder relations. Mr. Goldstein has acted as mediator in more than 60 cases. He has completed several court-sponsored and provider-sponsored mediation training programs as well as the 2013 Harvard Program on Negotiation, and is on the mediator rosters of the AAA and New York’s state and federal courts. As co-chair of the ABA International Section’s International Mediation Committee, Mr. Goldstein has conceived and chaired cutting-edge programs on cross-cultural mediation and mediation in the setting of world diplomacy. For the Section’s 2015 Fall Meeting in Montreal, Mr. Goldstein will moderate a program on transnational sports mediation. In his most recent cross-cultural mediation on April 9, 2015, Mr. Goldstein as mediator helped end (in three hours) a three-year dispute between Korean and American real estate co-venturers, orchestrating a buyout of the U.S. party’s interest.